How to Attend A Speed Cube Competition

Are you new to speed cubing? Let's take a look at how you can register for your first competition and what to expect when you arrive.

1. Register with the WCA

The WCA is the 'World Cubing Association' and is the governing body in the world of competitive speed cubing.
You can register on there official website by clicking the link below:

(Make sure you select 'I have never competed in a WCA Competition')

Register for a WCA Account

2. Finding a Competition

Once your account has been made and approved you need to login and visit the 'Upcoming Competitions' page (the competitions listed on that page are only UK competitions but you can change the filters to your location).

Once you have found a competition you would like to compete at you can click into it and find the part on registering.

More on this below.

Registering for a Competition

Okay, so you've found a competition you want to compete at. Now, before we carry on we need to know a few things.

  1. Every competition has a competitor limit. There is an equation to work out how many people a venue can hold but that's not important for now. Most competitions will range from 100 competitors to 300+.
  2. Registration isn't always 'open'. Competition registration opens well in advance, usually opening 2 months before the competition starts and closes 5 days before the competition starts.
  3. Waiting lists. All competitions have waiting lists. If the competitor limit gets reached then your registration will go into a waiting list. You may get in, you may not, its best to register as quick as possible. Competitions are announced well in advance and the competition page will let you know the exact time and date that registration opens.

3. Registering for the Comp

Under the "General Info" tab you will find a "Register for this competition here". Simply click that and you will be taken to a new page where you can select the events you want to compete in at this competition. You will also have to pay the registration fee (usually £30 but this can change).

That's It, Your all booked on

Get ready, your all booked on and hopefully you're all ready to compete. Now just to make sure you have the right cubes.

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