The Best 4x4 Cubes to buy in 2024

So you want to know the best 4x4 speed cube to buy in 2024. Perhaps you specifically want a UV 4x4? or maybe just want to compare some 4x4's.

Let's take a little look at the latest releases and cover all budgets.

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What Makes A Good 4x4 Cube?


Magnets play a huge part in determining a good 4x4 from a bad one. Granted, magnetic cubes are down to preference, however they do also have alot of benefits.

We would recommend a magnetic 4x4 ✅

Corner Cutting

It's not just 3x3 that should corner cut well. All twisty puzzles need a little tolerance when it comes to aligning the layers and trying to make your next move. Corner cutting can be aided with correct speed cube lube and correct tensioning of your 4x4 but it's always good to start with a good base model.

We would recommend 4x4's that have more rounded corners on the pieces, back in the olden days this was known as a 'Florian Mod' but now comes standard on most 4x4's. ✅


It's always good to have a balance between the corner cutting of your puzzle, and the stability/control. Corner cutting gets better the looser your cube is, however, you do sacrifice stability and control (you are also more prone to your cube popping/exploding the looser it is).

We don't recommend loosening your cube to the point it falls apart just for you to have good corner cutting, if this is happening then you could potentially be due an upgrade. ❌

UV Coating

UV coating is a ultra glossy lacquer applied to the outside of your cube which helps with grip. Most people love it but there are a few that still prefer non UV coated cubes.It's best to try one at a speed cubing competition before commiting, just to be on the safe side.

We recommend UV Coating but it's a little hard to come by on 4x4's as of early 2024 ✅