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2x2 Notation Guide

The WCA 2x2 notation is the official notation set out by the World Cubing Association and is the correct notation for all official WCA scrambles. In the images below, the part of the puzzle that is coloured is the part of the puzzle that you twist for that notation. 

F = Front Layer Clockwise

F' = Front Layer Anti-Clockwise

R = Right Layer Clockwise

R' = Right Layer Anti-Clockwise

U = Upper/Top Layer Clockwise

U' = Upper/Top Layer Anti-Clockwise

D = Bottom/Down Layer Clockwise

D' = Bottom/Down Layer Anti-clockwise

L = Left Layer Clockwise

L' = Left Layer Anti-Clockwise

B = Back Layer Clockwise

B' = Back Layer Anti-Clockwise

Note: Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise are as you are facing the layer, a B turn would mean turning the cube so that the back layer is facing you and it be clockwise from that perspective.