How to solve a 1x3x3

In this tutorial we will teach you have to solve a 1x3x3 Super Floppy puzzle. This isn't the most in-depth tutorial online and it does require previous knowledge of solving a Rubik's Cube and the correct notations etc...

1x3x3 Cube Solution Guide - Walkthough and Solution Guides

In step 1 we solve the cross on both sides.


How to solve the 1x3x3 super floppy cube solution cube

In step 2 we solve the outer edges.


1x3x3 Cube walkthough beginners guide

In step 3 we solve everything.


Solution Videos

We've created an easy to follow video guide on how to solve the 1x3x3 super floppy puzzle. This guide is split into 3 separate videos.

Step 1

There isn't much to this step as its super simple. All we have to do is turn our scrambled mess of a 1x3x3 into a 1x3x3 shape. The best words of advice is practise and learn. Practise solving the puzzle and learn how the puzzles interacts with itself. This is a very intuitive step.

Step 2

In step 2 we are going to solve the corners of the 1x3x3. Again, like step 1, its super simple and very intuitive. Simply turn each of the sides until all of the white corners are on the top layer. Just follow along with the video if you start to struggle.

Step 3

Okay, last step. In step 3 we are going to solve the edge pieces. We do this with only 1 algorithm. Hopefully after this step you will have a completely solved 1x3x3 super floppy cube.