Let's compare the differences between the MFJS RS Maglev Pyraminx with the MoYu WeiLong Maglev Pyraminx. In this comparison we will discuss what makes each Pyraminx twist and turn.


MoYu RS Pyraminx 

From the outside, the only real noticeable difference is the logo. The RS, whilst still technically a 'MoYu' product, is sold under the MoFangJiaoShi sub-brand and thus features the MFJS logo (on the blue face).

WeiLong Maglev

The WeiLong Pyraminx is released under the MoYu brand and features the MoYu logo on the yellow side. You can clearly see the purple internals through the center gap.

Dual Adjustment System

From looking at the 2 different Pyraminx tips in the following image, we can clearly see the different between them. The WeiLong adjustment tip is longer compared to that of the RS Pyraminx. But the real question is... Does this matter? 

The answer is, maybe a little. The main reason the WeiLong has a longer dual adjustment housing is due to how the center pieces work and the unique magnetic adjustment feature.

MoYu RS Pyraminx 

WeiLong Maglev

The dual adjustment mechanism works by allowing the user to: 
1. Adjust the tension of the puzzle by tightening or loosening the screw.
2. Change the elasticity of the puzzle by adjusting the amount of 'Steps' that the adjustment pieces are set to (see below). The higher the adjustment piece, the more 'spring' (elasticity) the puzzle has.

Magnetic Adjustment

Now, only the WeiLong Pyraminx features a magnetic adjustment. Let's take a little look at it and how it works.

In each of the center pieces (the bits that screw into the core) you will find 3 seperate magnetic adjustment 'boxes'. The magnetic adjustment works by pushing the magnet away from the attracting magnet using the same 'step' mechanism as the dual adjustment above.

As these are both Maglev versions they feature 2 repelling magnets instead of a spring for tension. Below we see the ring magnets from both puzzles. As you can see, the WeiLong Pyraminx boasts a huge difference in size compared to that of the RS Pyraminx, making the tension slightly stronger on the WeiLong and offering a more springy feel.


There is a huge different in the design of the edge pieces from the RS Pyraminx to the WeiLong Pyraminx. Let's look at the 2 in detail, below.

RS Pyraminx Edge Pieces

The RS Pyraminx edge piece features 2 symmetrical pieces of different colours that interlock together and boast magnets set in factory moulded slots to offer the user 100% accurate alignment between the attracting magnets.

WeiLong Pyraminx Edge Pieces

The WeiLong Pyraminx, unlike the RS, utilises 3 parts. The base and 2 interlocking coloured caps. The magnets in the WeiLong edge piece are located in the base of the edge piece and are slightly larger than its RS counterpart, thus making for a stronger magnetic feel.


To see both centers of the RS M and the WeiLong you can easily tell the difference. When handling both you can certainly tell that alot more thought has gone into the design and build of the WeiLong.



Comparison Video

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