How to assemble a 3x3 cube

Assembling a 3x3 speed cube can be super frustrating if it's the first one you have ever done. However, with a little help, it's super easy. A 3x3 speed cube has 8 corners and 12 edges with 6 centers pieces built around a core. When assembling your cube, ensure that your core has atleasy 5 centers on it.

If your core has 6 centers pieces still screwed into it, that's also completely fine. 

To make the assembly process a little easier, you can undo the screw (or GES nut if assembling a GAN cube) under one of the center caps (if following us and starting with the white face, loosen the screw under the yellow cap 2 or 3 turns).

Place the core on the table white face up

Insert 2 edges pieces (W/G and W/R)

Turn the core upside down

Pop the R/G/W corner in place

Insert the G/O/W corner

Insert the O/W edge

Again, insert theO/B/W corner

Insert the B/W edge

Insert the last B/R/W corner

That's 1 layer done :D

Pop the B/R edge piece in

Pop the R/G edge piece in

Pop the G/O edge piece in

Pop the O/B edge piece in

Pop the yellow center cap off

Slightly loosen the screw/GES nut

Place 1 edge pieces (Y/G)

Fit the Y/R/G Corner piece

Fit the Y/R edge piece

Now fit the Y/B/R corner

Fit the Y/O/B corner

Fit the last corner piece next

Turn the top layer 45° (as shown)

Carefully fit the last edge piece


Turn the top layer back to 'solved'

Don't forget to tighten the screw again

We hope you had some fun and learnt a little bit about building/reassembling a 3x3 speed cube. Like we said at the beginning of this tutorial, it's super easy but can stressful if you're new to cubing. Check out our other 3x3 Rubik's cube walkthroughs.