How to Start a School Cubing Club

Are you a pupil or teacher looking to start a cubing club at your school? We've written a little guide on how to get started. All schools will work differently but the main principles will be the same. Simply following the 8 steps listed below and don't be afraid to reach out (to us) or talk to others that may have already set up a cubing club at their school.

1: Find Friends Who Like Cubing Too

First, you need to see if there are other kids in your school who like cubing as much as you do. You can ask your friends, or even ask your classmates during break time. If you're a teacher, you can talk to your students and see if they're interested. Even if you only find 3-4 friends (or students) that are interesting its worth persuing, when you're up and running you may find lots of new members wanting to join.

2: Write Down Your Ideas

Once you know there are other kids who are interested, it's time to write down your ideas. You can write about what cubing is, why it's cool (like how it can make you better at solving problems and concentrate better), and how your club will work. If you're a student, remember to include that a teacher will be there to help and make sure things go well.

3: Ask for Permission

Now you need to ask the people in charge of your school if you can start your Cubing Club. This might mean talking to your headteacher or the student council. Be ready to explain your ideas and maybe make some changes if they suggest any. Remember to say how this club will make your school a better place and help everyone learn.

4: Get Cubes and a Place to Meet

Next, you need cubes and a place for your club to meet. You can ask us cube stores for donations or ask your parents if they can finance some cubes. Make sure you also find a nice place in your school where you can meet, like a classroom or a part of the library.

5: Decide on Club Rules

You should decide how your club will work. Will there be a club leader and helpers? Who will do what jobs? How often will you meet and what will you do at your meetings? Will you practice solving cubes or even have competitions? Making these decisions will help your club run well.

6: Tell Everyone About Your Club

Once your club is ready to start, you need to let everyone know about it. You can make posters, write something for the school newsletter, or even post on social media. Make sure to say when and where you'll meet and how other kids can join your club. Make sure everybody feels welcome and don't just run it for your friend group, make it fully inclusive for everybody.

7: Have Your First Meeting

For your first club meeting, you should be ready to show the basics of solving acCube. You can prepare some notes or find some videos for beginners. Make sure to welcome everyone and create a nice place where everyone can learn at their own speed. Prehaps offer beginner cubes from our 'Beginners Range'.

8: Keep Having Fun

The most important thing is to keep having fun. Regular meetings, fun activities, competitions, and maybe even joining local or national cube competitions will keep everyone interested. Remember, the goal is to have fun while getting better at cubing.

TIP: Check out the WCA website and keep an eye out for competitions close to your hometown!