Ready for Christmas?

Let's go over a few things to check before Christmas (and on the day). this page is meant for new cubers so they don't encounter a disastrous pop on the big day! We've had that before and it's not pleasant! 😬

What to do when you receive your cubes

When you receive your cubes please give the box (and if you can open it careful) a full check over. Cubes are shipped to us fully packaged and BRAND NEW. We only sell cubes that have come from the factory, some come in plastic wrap and some do not. The only puzzles we sell that are not brand new are our selection of 'pre-loved' puzzles which are clearly marked. 

Please check over the boxes for damage and if you can get to the cube just give it a glance over. We don't have x-ray vision here at the KewbzUK warehouse so we can't tell if the cube is damaged from factory 😬 We've also had some complaints from customers that have received their cube without the plastic wrap (even though the puzzle they ordered isn't wrapped from factory) so we no longer open cubes or check them over, we send them out as they come in to us.

Christmas Day and Cubing

Before you use your cube for the first time please check the tensions on each side where the screws are (this is different on every puzzle). This ensures that your cube wont 'pop' (aka fall apart), as pops ARE NOT covered under warranty. Pops are a apart of cubing and it does not mean your puzzle is broken 😬

If your cube does pop, YouTube is your best friend. We've provided a few links below to the most common puzzles.

How to re-assemble a 2x2

How to re-assemble a 3x3

How to re-assemble a 4x4